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The fifth-generation imitation stone paint
The fifth-generation imitation stone paint, also can be called multicolor paint, is a suspension coating which made up of waterborne granular material with different colors, sizes and shapes and other water mediums. This product can generate kinds of colors by only one time spray-ing and is used in building external wall to create a granite-like effect with high fidelity. The technology use organic silicone modified acrylate latex and fluorocarbon emulsion with high weather resistance as its base stock, combining with high-grade pigment and high performance additives, in order to make the waterborne multicolor paint used in external wall through special processing technology. It uses innovative technique of particle package to disperse different kinds of water based coloring colloids into discontinuous and stable composite suspend-ed body, breaking through traditional principles of chemical engineering.

The characteristic of Gaoya fifth-generation imitation stone paint:

A. Surface design and color: diversity color, very lifelike effect and strong simulation ability, three-dimensional effect and aesthetic feeling on the surface after construction completed.

B. Solid material: with higher waterproof and crack resistance, excellent shockproof , sour proof, uvioresistence, antistatic property, thermostability and soar water resistance comparing with common high range external wall coating.

C. Detection basis: GB/T9779-2005

D. Service life: This waterborne external wall coating was made by special process, therefore it has higher durability than common water based paint and its general life is up to fifteen years.

E. Comparing with other materials: Gaoya fifth generation imitation stone paint has a variety of assortments and can be simply constructed. It can show us the natural grain of granite and very lifelike effect of granite-like. Thus, it was more suitable for personalized building external wall painting.

F. Collocating with other materials: Gaoya fifth generation imitation stone paint can be combined with all sorts of other coating, resulting in unexpected effects. When combine with elastic coating, the crack and stain resistance of the coating can be enhanced, furthermore, the surface design and color of the coating appears more innovative. When combined with relief coating, rock with thick texture will produced.

G. Main technical parameters: cohesive strength, upon 0.7Mpa under the normal state, 0.5Mpa after flooding, water permeability under 2 milliliter, has stronger shock resistance and high weatherproof index.

Related supporting and packing of product:

G-4001D Alkali-resistant transparent external primer, 18 kilograms per barrel
G-7019 Fifth-generation imitation stone paint(multicolor paint), 20 kilograms per barrel
G-7020 Fifth-generation elastic imitation stone paint, 20 kilograms per barrel
G-7021 Colored primer of fifth-generation imitation stone paint, 20 kilograms per barrel
G-8011M Nonpolluting silicon acrylic-acid transparent finish, 20 kilograms per barrel